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Plant Care


What About drainage?

Drainage exists to flush out excess water, but if there's no excess, there's no drainage needed. I water my plants gently: just enough to keep the soil moist. Leave some room for air pockets in the soil, and your plants will thank you!


Can they stay in their containers?

Yes! You can actually cut the roots back when they get too unruly. Then, you can refill the container with fresh soil and your plant can go back in!

Begonia photo 1.JPG

Do they all need light?

Yeah, at least a tiny bit. Don't worry, though! SANSI sells super nice clip-on grow lights for $20 or less. They even have a timer built in, so they turn themselves off every night and turn on every morning.


Grow light bulbs are another good option. They screw into a regular lamp and cost only $6! Place a few plants so the tops of their leaves are a foot or two below the light. They'll be very happy.

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