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Leave it to us!

We'll get you your purrfect houseplant.

Image by Jiawei Zhao

Shipping & Pick-up

Plants for sale on the website can be picked up in-store within 7 days of being purchased. You can even grab them the same day, if the shop's open!


Alternatively, you can choose to have them shipped anywhere in the US. Shipping is $8 for orders of 1 or 2 plants, and $15 for orders of 3 or more. Orders are sent out within 4 business days.

Image by Eduard Delputte

just like the photo!

Tired of ordering plants online and receiving one that's nowhere as cute as the photo? 

No worries here. We send plants that are happy, healthy, and photo-ready. 

Image by Humberto Arellano

useful instructions

None of that nonsense about "medium watering". How about a tablespoon of water per week? We'll give you specific instructions, making it a whole lot easier to know what your new plant needs.

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