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Fern Leaves



I want plant care to be a lot more approachable and a lot less confusing. Let's make things fun! Once you know the ropes, it becomes a really rewarding and relaxing activity. It brings me so much joy, and I want to share that joy with others.


It makes me super happy hearing that people who couldn't keep plants alive before have been able to grow an indoor garden because of what I've taught them.



I'm a HUGE fan of flame violets. They've got the beauty of an African violet, with the growth habits of a spider plant.


Living stones have been making me really happy, too! Love that they wrinkle when they want water. It makes it super easy to tell if they're thirsty or not.


Hopes & Dreams

I've loved gardening since I was a little kid. My mom got me started! Now, I wanna learn about as many plants as I can- except the rude spiky cacti. I wanna write just the best, most accurate houseplant book.


I'm always trying to learn new information and gain more experience. It's a fun puzzle to learn how to communicate it all and pass it on in ways that are easy to understand. I wanna be a speaker, too! I wanna give plant talks.


Room to Grow

I wanna sell more plants, so I can have more money to offer more workshops. I want to get supplies for marimo moss jars, and more trees for bonsai- the type of ficus with the tiny leaves!


Once I'm all organized, I wanna be able to sell things in the shop that are made by local artists. I wanna market more and do more events, too. Game night, plant club, craft night, lots of fun!

My advice? First off, never be afraid to experiment and never be afraid to make bad art. It's how you learn! In drawing, everything is made out of shapes and angles. Take notice of how the size of one shape or line compares to the size of another, and use those funky shapes in the negative space to guide you, too! Use reference photos whenever you can and copy traits from the art you enjoy. Like how someone draws eyes? Try drawing eyes like they do! I personally took a lot of my inspiration from Hello Kitty and Monster High.

I used to be way into drawing. It was a huge learning process, but I really think it's something that anyone can learn with time and the right guidance.


Savannah's Illustration Work

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