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Happy houseplants in homemade soil!

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Sundays: 11-5   Mondays: Closed   Tuesdays thru Saturdays: 11-7

3412 North High Street Suite B Olney, MD 20832, Second Floor (up the stairs)


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What's In store? Take a peek!

I keep this little gallery up-to-date with cute pictures of some of the exact plants available in the shop!

Cute little houseplants, self-watering terrariums, decorations, books, gifts, and supplies!


Beginner-friendly workshops are hands-on fun! We teach private workshops, and open ones too!

They're for all ages and make great birthday parties for kids or adults!

  • Self-watering terrariums

  • Succulent teacup gardens

  • Indoor ficus bonsai

  • Propagation

  • Repotting and pruning

  • African violets + friends

fiddle leaf fig plant roots in glass container watering water absorbing in soil gif sped up plant drinking water

Look at my roots!

We pot each plant in repurposed secondhand glassware. Think teacups, wine glasses, and candle holders! Through glass, it becomes a ton easier to see when the soil is moist, dry, or a bit of a swimming pool.

How to Water

Use 1/4 to 1/3 as much water as there is soil in the container!


Hi! I'm Savannah.

21 year old houseplant nerd

I opened Easy Little Plants in July 2023, at 21 years old! Mostly, I just didn't wanna do more Etsy. Fun fact: I was a mildly successful illustrator for a couple years, designing stickers and pins! The problem with that? I like being out in the world and talking to people, now that I've gotten brave enough to be silly and chatty.

I'm driven by ADHD, curiosity, and the pursuit of cuteness. I love doing research: taking academic nonsense and translating it into words that make sense. It's a fun puzzle.


Custom vivariums

For frogs, snakes, and lizards!




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Upcoming workshops

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Thanks for your support!


Houseplant questions? Click me for answers!

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