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No Green thumb

We make it easier for anyone to enjoy an indoor garden.

Come visit our shop in Olney!

our plants Thrive without drainage!

Color-changing akadama makes it easy to tell when the soil is wet or dry. No more overwatering!

Teacup plants: 2 tbsp
Tiny plants: 1 tsp
Mug plants: 1/4 cup

How much water?

Easy limits for worried waterers

worry-free and ready to grow

Our plants are potted in-store, in  cute thrifted containers with our own homemade soil mix!

This way, you don't need to figure out expensive planters or buy a big bag of potting soil.

they're healthy!

We take good care of each and every plant in the shop. Instead of trying to keep up with dozens of each variety, we nurture healthier houseplants in smaller groups. We want to give you a good start!

Add to our gallery!

We're making a gallery. Send us cute photos of a plant you got at Easy Little Plants. We'll email you a coupon for 10% off.

Make sure your plant is in focus and looking healthy and cute!


Let's go shoppinG!

3412 North High Street Suite B

Olney, MD 20832

At the top of the stairs

Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Saturday :11 am-7 pm

Sunday: 11 am-5 pm

Meet our team!

Hi, I'm Savannah! I'm 22 years old and  I opened Easy Little Plants in the Summer of 2023. I grew up as a super curious ADHD kid who could never stick to just one hobby. I've always been super into bugs, fish, reptiles, plants, crafts, and cats. I was really shy at first, but I was really driven to become more outgoing. I seriously just love people. Everyone has their own little world!


The Reviews are in!

This store is an absolute joy and the owner Savannah is so knowledgeable and helpful! I am so excited to know this is in Olney and will be a repeat customer! Everyone must check it out!

-Brittany Wolfish

Just stopped in today with my daughters and we had so much fun!! The owner was so sweet and patient, teaching them about the plants and allowing them to take their time to pick everything out. She had so many plants to pick from and my daughters favorite part was decorating it! Her prices are very reasonable and we put a deposit down for my daughter to have her birthday party there!

-Marlee Misler

Image by Stephen Hocking
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