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The halo light from our lighting article! It's full spectrum with a timer built in. Plus, it looks really cute- and it's way stronger than those weird bendy tube lights you see online everywhere.


Use it as a suplement for faster growth, or as a substitute for a window. It's good for a small plant, a group of small plants, or a terrarium. Perfect for someone who doesn't want an entire light panel in their living room, just a cute little plant or two with a spotlight.

The Halo Grow Light

  • Pothos, philodendrons, African violets, peperomia, nerve plants, coffee plants, syngoniums, ferns, calatheas, mistletoe cacti, haworthia, scindapsus, baby's tears, caladium, begonias, orchids, dragon's tongue, and similar houseplants

  • Spiky desert cacti, fruits, herbs, veggies, pomegranate trees, lemon trees, olive trees, echeveria, sedum, or graptopelatum. Those guys should have an industrial light or a super bright window to really thrive indoors.

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