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Have the happiest Birthday!

Looking for a fun way to celebrate? Don't wanna worry about party favors or planning games and activities? Have your party at Easy Little Plants!  You bring the food, drinks, and guests, we'll handle the rest. Easy Little Plants is the perfect spot for a super interactive and affordable birthday party in Olney, Maryland. We offer kids' birthday parties for children as young as 4,  in addition to birthday parties for adults and teens!

Mix the soil

Pick your plants



Choose the perfect activity.

  • Please don't bring nuts or sesame into the shop (the instructor is allergic)

  • There is no freezer or refrigerator, so coolers are recommended if you're bringing cold desserts

  • There is a restroom

  • There's lots of parking available

  • The space is 1,500 square feet, at the top of a flight of stairs

  • The table has room for 12 people to sit

  • Chairs have cushions, and 9 of them have wheels

  • There will be an empty table and a clean countertop for food and gifts

  • Songs can be requested and played on the speaker

  • The default music for parties is classic and well-known pop and rock songs

  • The default music is non-explicit and there is a special playlist played at kids' workshops, with music catered more towards what kids like

  • Savannah, the owner of the shop, teaches all the workshops. She can answer questions about the plants, the pets, and the shop

  • Workshops are guided, but casual enough for you to  be chatty and silly

  • Birthdays can be booked with at least 7 days notice, but 2 weeks or more is preferred when possible

  • Parties are 2 hours long with about an hour and a half for the workshop, and half an hour for food and cake. There's no rush, though. It's totally ok if you go a little over 2 hours.

  • Napkins, plates, cups, and utensils are not provided.

  • Chaperones are welcome and parents can hang out in the shop during the party. 

  • Multiple people can work together on one project, as long as there's room at the table.

Book your party today!

Image by Junior REIS

What if my plants die?

Bring the container back in (preferably without emptying it) and I'll set you up with some new plants to try again! It's $5 to replace a set of mini succulents, $5 to replace plants in a small terrarium, and $10 to replace plants in a large terrarium. I'll help get to the bottom of what went wrong and give you a new chance to grow again! Gardening can be a learning experience, so there's no shame in making mistakes.

How much light do they need?

Terrariums should be kept somewhere where there's some sunlight, but it doesn't get too hot. They can go by a dim window, or on a piece of furniture a few feet away from something brighter. Grow lights work, too! Grow light bulbs are $6 online and can be used in a regular lamp.

Succulents like to be right near the window! They enjoy lots of sun. Again, a grow light can work if you're a little low on light. We also have some succulents available that don't need quite as much light as the others.

Can we bring food?

Food and drinks are totally welcome. We have plenty of space to set things down. After planting, the table is swept and the decorations and plants are set aside to make room to eat. We have a bathroom, too, so you can wash your hands!

What happened to bonsai?

We're testing some new trees to find some with easier care. Soon, the bonsai parties will return, even better than before!

Questions and comments are welcome here!

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