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Deluxe Terrariums

Create a self-watering ecosystem in a jar: your own little world of plants!

  • 1 hour
  • From 50 US dollars
  • Easy Little Plants

Service Description

Create an ecosystem in a jar: your own little world of plants! Together, we'll plant some cute and healthy plants in beautiful glass apothecary jars- with lots of decorations, of course! You'll get to: ♥Mix a big bowl of soil with our special recipe, learning about the ingredients and what they all do! ♥Choose lots of plants! They're all compatible and are happy when their jar is displayed on a piece of furniture a few feet from a window. I grow the plants myself in the shop and prepare them for the workshops. You get to use as many plants as you'd like! ♥Arrange your plants. I'll guide you through it! Mistakes are easy to undo, too. I've even got a special trick for "unwatering" a plant just in case. ♥Add live moss! None of that fake dyed craft store stuff that gets al crusty. Here, we use real moss that grows and thrives. ♥Add unlimited decorations! We've got stickers, tumbled stones, resin figures, iridescent butterflies, and more. You can really express yourself and make it cute! ♥Add a shiny nametag. You can put the plant's fancy name, its common name, or a nice message. You could even give your plant a nickname! For example, my dad has a spikemoss plant named Peter, and my friend has a fly trap named Georgie. The care is nice and simple for these guys! I check when it's been a while, but if you prefer a schedule, you can check on the first day of each month. Look at the soil and see if it's gotten light brown. You can test by adding a drop of water first, seeing if it darkens the soil. Then, you can give your plant a shot glass full (of water) to drink. A shot glass? Yep! Plants like to party. I'm more of a ginger ale person, personally.

Contact Details

  • 3412 North High Street, Olney, MD, USA


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