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gardener magazine!

Starting with the December issue, I've had the wonderful privilege to write the houseplant column in Washington Gardener Magazine. Each month, I'll feature a different houseplant and provide a nice guide of the plant's care, and the community surrounding it. You can read the articles for free online, along with many other cool and informative pieces by other gardeners in the area! 



Haworthia: The Low Light Succulent

Like other succulents, these guys store a nice supply of water in their leaves, but don't be
fooled! They're not really the desert plants you'd expect them to be. Haworthia and friends grow
wild in Southern Africa: hanging out in the shade of trees, shrubs, cliffsides, and tall grasses.


African Violets: 16,000 Varieties!

You may be used to seeing the typical violets at the grocery store, but once you dig into the cultivars, you'll be in for a real treat. Leaves can be found with hot pink edges, red undersides, yellow stars, or variegated tie dye patterns. The leaves come in different shapes, too! Ruffled, quilted, scalloped, round, and heart shaped are just a few of the options you'll see online or at a show.

Optimara Romana (photo by me).JPG
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