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Special Features:

  • Homegrown!
  • Water every two weeks!
  • And they were roommates! 
  • Plathyphylla jade gets red when grown in bright light



You'll receive the exact plant shown. The container and any decorations or labels shown are included. Keep in mind, he may have grown a bit since the photos were taken!


We check our plants regularly for any pests or diseases. The soil is infused with mosquito bits to prevent gnats. It's super important to me that all the plants I sell are healthy! I wanna set you up for success.

Lemon Ball Sedum ♥ Platyphylla Jade ♥ Sedum Confusum

  • Low light? Medium light? What's all that? Plants in our low light tolerant section can do alright in the middle of a room. Still, even when a plant can tolerate low light,bright light is better. The happiest plants live under a grow light, or within a few feet of a window. For windows, make sure he's got a good view of the light: in front of the window, no to the side! Plants in bright light grow faster, have brighter leaves, and are more resistant to pests and diseases.