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Special Features:

  • Homegrown!
  • Decorated with a rainbow of crystals! They were from a mixed pack, but I was super into crystals in middle school, so I can identify them pretty well. They seem to be a dyed red agate, a carnelian, a calcite (natural), an aventurine (natural), a dyed blue agate, and an opalite (manmade) stone. They look lovely in the sun!
  • Water every two weeks!
  • Crassula ovata leaves get red edges and undersides when grown in bright light
  • He's got a few scars but he's strong and growing new leaves!
  • Jade plants are some of the most durable plants I've ever owned. I got one as a kid, and I think it's like 10 years old now! Once, I dropped a small jade plant under my table by accident. It stayed there out of its pot for god knows how long, maybe a few months? It survived! 
  • They can be made into beautiful bonsai over time! They're a really good beginner plant for bonsai since they're so forgiving. I've seen some amazing huge jade plants online.
  • If he grows new roots on his stem, he might be thirsty! You can take the extra roots off if you don't like the look. It won't hurt him.



You'll receive the exact plant shown. The container and any decorations or labels shown are included. Keep in mind, he may have grown a bit since the photos were taken!


We check our plants regularly for any pests or diseases. The soil is infused with mosquito bits to prevent gnats. It's super important to me that all the plants I sell are healthy! I wanna set you up for success.

Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata)