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Plant Care

When do I repot?

Repotting is mainly for when your plant is drying too fast or hasn't grown in months. If you can't keep up with watering your plant, it could use some more soil, so it can hold water longer. The soil is like a sponge your plant drinks out of. Eventually, the plant eats its soil. The roots take over the space until there's not much soil left! When you repot, pick a container 1 inch deeper or wider than what you were using before. Anything too big would drown your plant. No need to unravel the roots, really. Just add more soil around them and pack it down.

What about drainage?

How much water?


Where do I put my plant?

Can plants survive without windows?

Are plants safe for pets?

What makes your soil good?

How do I tell if a plant is dead?

Do you grow your own plants?

Plants for beginners?

Air plants?


Rare plants?


Flowering plants

The flowers turned brown or wilted! Help!

Totally normal, don't worry. Plants make flowers, then discard them when they're done. If a flower looks like it's past its prime, you should be able to take it off pretty easily. The plant's still alive and can bloom again and again.

How do I make the flowers come back?

Orchids? African violets?

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