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Hi, I'm Savannah!

Plant Nerd/Illustrator

I've got ADHD, and though I try not to let it define me, it's kinda been the leading trait in my life.  I could never quite stay still, and I had to work extra hard to keep my brain busy and satisfied.


I was never the kid to just go home and watch TV, I needed something to do with my hands.


That's where gardening came in, and drawing, and sewing, and jewelry, and photography, and everything else under the sun, it seems.

I grew up really shy, picking up on everything except for what I was supposed to. I could always notice a four leaf clover in the grass, but could I recognize a person's face? Probably not. I wasn't sure how to act, if I was too much or not enough. Beyond anything, I didn't want to bother anyone or get in trouble. God forbid I be annoying.

I've been told this picture's too serious, but it makes me feel really cool and cute, so ha!


My mom and I would garden together when I was little. My parents took me to the nature center a lot and I'm super thankful for that!

I was a big fan of bugs, dirt, and plants when I was in preschool and elementary school, too. I would play with my Barbies and Littlest Pets outside, digging "lakes" and lifting up rocks to find rolly pollies.

With school, I got into a couple magnet programs, and then switched to what I describe as "weird hippie private schools".

I've always been really good at research and writing, but I was never the most organized. I got overwhelmed by the noisy crowded hallways and the piles of worksheets to keep track of. Small schools ended up being a lot better for me.

Lil Tidbits & Fun Facts

Favorite plant in the shop: Silver satin vine!

Plant wishlist: peperomia emarginela, begonia lichenora (I might kill her by accident though), epipremnum porpax, primrose!

Favorite moss: Seductrix (who named it that?)

Favorite music: Bad Bad Hats, Carly Rae Jepsen, Lemon Demon, The Beths, and Hozier

Favorite tool in the shop: the Cricut! It writes and cuts out the signs and labels

Favorite parts of shopkeeping: wiping the leaves off to keep them clean and happy, arranging terrariums all cute, making jewelry with beads, and talking to people!

Hobbies: guitar, bass, MIDI, singing, songwriting, writing a novel!

art things!

My Original goal was to become a professional illustrator. Well- maybe not my original goal, but one of my more recent ones. This is the fun part where I get to show off a little, right?

I did a lot of vector art, tracing over my sketches in Illustrator like some absurd game of extreme connect the dots. These drawings turned into pins, stickers, and with the help of my sewing machine, I embroidered them onto clothes! 

I got distracted at some point, getting really into paint chemistry and natural polymers. I created two types of biodegradable permanent fabric ink, but I never really found the demand for them, so I kinda just put the whole project aside. 

Still, I'm big into textile design and fabric in general. Katazome is my favorite. 

I've got a bunch of jewelry and resin experience, too. Product photography, though- love that stuff so much, augh.


Oh, also, painting happened. That pyramid was in the Sandy Spring Museum for a bit! Bucket list, check!

I still do draw a lot, but my drawings got too grown up for my old brand in a sense. I've got a bit of a spooky side to go with the cuter stuff, and learning anatomy turned into lots of artsy nudity in my illustrations. They're really good, but for now, I keep them to my sketchbook, sending photos to friends instead of posting them for the whole world.

2020 and 2021 art! Recent stuff is all sketches, since I've been busy

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